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Build your own portfolio of high yield, property secured debt investments.
Expand Your Investment Portfolio With Short-term, Fixed Interest Debt Investments.
Expand your investment portfolio with short-term, fixed interest debt investments.
First-mortgage, Property Secured Loans Paying Returns From 6% To 12% Pa.
First-mortgage, property secured loans paying returns from 6% to 12% pa.
Diversify Across Loan Purposes, Security Property Types And Geography.
Diversify across loan purposes, security property types and geography.
You have self-managed super or other investment funds available and you need to earn a good return.
You are worried about stock market volatility and don’t have time to manage a share portfolio.
You would like to earn a better interest rate than the bank can pay.
You would like to invest in property without the risks of owning it.
You wish your investment could be secured by real assets – to cover the downside risks.
If yes, then consider peer-to-peer mortgage lending
- it's the smartest way to be invested in property!

Start investing by lending your money to property owners and support their business and development projects. Choose each loan you want to invest in or let us do it for you based on your critieria. Interest paid monthly into your account.


First, download and read our Product Disclosure Statement and then register with us as an investor.

It’s quick and easy, become an investor today!

As many as 30% of our borrowers borrow more than once. This shows the quality and relevance of our loan offer and the strength of our reputation.

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