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Credit Crowd provides short term, first mortgage property secured finance to borrowers that require funding for business or investment purposes; and great opportunities to individuals and institutions looking for attractive investment returns through property secured lending.

Since opening for business in 2012, the Credit Crowd team have arranged funding for over $100 million in loans made to borrowers to finance more than 50 property and business based projects.

Most importantly, we understand risk. At Credit Crowd, we focus on making the right credit decisions based on significant due diligence for each and every loan. Our team has developed our approval process from years of experience in lending to manage risk optimally for our investors.

This is further enhanced by our investment in our technology platform to bring efficiency and transparency to our clients. Transacting loans is easy; ensuring they are completed quickly and easily for our borrowers and investors is what we are about.


We aspire to be the leading peer-to-peer Mortgage Securities Marketplace in Australia. We give borrowers a fast and fair loan choice while providing investors with quality, risk assessed and accessible investment opportunities.


We know that a high volume and broad mix of investors is vital to holding a deep and accessible funding pool available to deserving borrowers at risk appropriate rates.

We fund loans through:

Investors. All of our investors, from individuals, companies and trusts to self-managed super funds have the ability to actively select investments and build unique and diversified portfolios of property secured loans.

Lines of finance. Credit Crowd has lines of finance known as warehouse funds. We use these funds to pre-fund approved loans as required, creating a ‘marketplace’ in loans where investors can see choice in investment risk and return. 

John Broadway

John joined the company in 2013 and has been closely involved in its growth and development in all areas including strategy, business development, operations and credit.

With a career in banking and finance spanning 25 years, John has been involved in a range of areas including private banking, structured finance, leasing and fleet management, and short term lending. He has held several senior executive roles in large organisations including Investec Bank, Lease Plan NV and Absa Bank in South Africa.

John holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce Honours. He brings a wealth of experience to the business of private mortgage lending and investment, an energetic and practical approach to business operations, and a strong belief in the importance of teamwork and core values in a successful business.

Ivan Ruefli

Ivan joined the Credit Crowd team in 2016 and brings with him over 25 years’ experience in companies involved in the residential, commercial and industrial construction and property sectors. He has been responsible for managing major projects and key stakeholder relationships across Australia.

Having founded a civil and remedial construction company 15 years ago, Ivan successfully grew a significant business approaching $300 million turnover and 1,000 employees in 2014 when it was listed on the ASX.

With his primary focus at Credit Crowd being business development, Ivan brings a deep understanding of business of all sizes and an extensive background in entrepreneurship, investment, construction and property development. He holds a Masters in Science Project Management and has a practical view of risk and management strategies for investment which contribute soundly to the leadership of Credit Crowd and the credit decisions made.


Our Group operates in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and investment space, offering privately funded, short to medium term, first mortgage property secured loans to borrowers that require funding for business or investment purposes.

Credit Crowd’s commitments are to:

Originate, assess and manage prudent mortgage investment opportunities.
Provide responsible lending solutions that enable borrowers to achieve their business objectives.
Deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns and preserve the capital of investors.

Credit Crowd Pty Ltd is our overall group management company.

Credit Crowd Mortgage Securities Ltd holds our Australian Financial Services Licence and is the Responsible Entity and manager of our funds.

Credit Crowd Services Pty Ltd is responsible for the day to day origination, underwriting and management of loans and investments.

Credit Crowd Technology Pty Ltd focuses on the development and up keep of our technology platform.

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