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Credit Crowd is committed to providing a high standard of service and transparency to our Members. We operate under a strict regulatory framework that is regulated by ASIC and we are authorised to deal with retail and wholesale investors.

Constitution – the Fund is governed by its Constitution. Forming a binding contract between Credit Crowd and Members, it contains various declarations of trust by Credit Crowd in relation to property which it holds for the Fund and the Sub-Funds. The Constitution also contains extensive provisions about the legal obligations and rights of Members, Credit Crowd and others.

The Fund Constitution has been lodged with ASIC and a copy of it is available to Prospective and Registered Investors and Members upon request.

Compliance Plan – this document outlines the procedures that Credit Crowd uses to ensure that it complies with the law, ASIC Regulatory Guides, the Fund Constitution, its licensing obligations, and the representations made in its disclosure documents.

The Compliance Plan has been lodged with ASIC and a copy of it is available to Registered Investors and Members upon request.

Compliance Committee – Credit Crowd operates a Compliance Committee which consists of two external members and one internal member. The Committee is responsible for monitoring Credit Crowd’s compliance program and takes measures to ensure adherence to the Compliance Plan.

Lending Committee – the Credit Crowd Lending Committee consists of at least two persons: one is the Credit Manager and the other is a Director of Credit Crowd. The Lending Committee evaluates loans in accordance with the loan criteria set out in the PDS, the Compliance Plan and the Lending Policy.

Audits – external audits of Credit Crowd’s accounts, the Fund’s accounts and the Compliance Plan are performed annually.

Net Tangible Assets – Credit Crowd is required by its AFSL to possess Net Tangible Assets of an amount the greater of:

  1. $150,000;
  2. 0.5% of the average value of Fund Property that Credit Crowd is Responsible Entity for; or
  3. 10% of Credit Crowd’s revenue as Responsible Entity.

Insurance – Credit Crowd has in place an Investment Managers Insurance & Cyber Liability policy which provides cover in the areas of Professional Indemnity, Management Liability and Crime. The officers, employees and agents of Credit Crowd are covered under this policy.

Email us at to request copies of our documentation.

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