Why Choose A SMSF?

Why choose a SMSF?

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) provide members the opportunity to invest according to their specific needs, giving more control over their retirement money and estate planning. A SMSF provides the opportunity to create a portfolio of investments in line with the…

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Short-term Business Loans – 4 Myths Busted!

Short-term business loans – 4 myths busted!

Given continued lack of support for SME’s from the banks, especially in the mining related and property development and construction sectors, SME’s need to consider their alternatives. Short-term business loans from alternative lenders are often good solutions for business in…

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Sometimes Paying More Is The Smart Option!

Sometimes paying more is the smart option!

Bank funding is typically the cheapest option for commercial loans. But not all commercial loan scenarios qualify for a bank loan. Enter short-term finance! Savvy brokers are discovering that diversifying into commercial lending can be highly lucrative. They’re also realising…

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