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We are innovators in P2P first mortgage secured lending.

Quite different from our peers, we deliver first mortgage secured term loans to borrowers that require funding for business or investment purposes, and great opportunities to investors both individual and institutional, looking for attractive fixed interest investment returns through property secured lending.

Competitive Rates
Competitive rates

For borrowers – interest costs from 7% pa
For investors – returns from 6% pa

Proven Track Record
Proven track record

Our team has facilitated over $100 million worth of secured loans over the last 5 years with 100% return of interest and capital to date.

Fast Turnaround
Fast turnaround

We understand that business opportunities come and go quickly. We act urgently – with credit decisions in principle in hours and settlement in days as required.

Quality Loans & Investments
Quality loans & investments

We fund borrowers quickly and efficiently by matching them to investors with the appropriate risk appetites.

Investor Flexibility
Investor flexibility

Investors can either select each loan investment directly themselves, or they can mandate us to assign them to loans that meet their investment criteria – with a cooling off period.

Great Service
Great service

Our customers are looked after by our trained and professional team – with prompt service and transparent communication every step of the way.

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Getting finance should be quick and easy.

Our experienced credit underwriting team can offer quick approvals and fast settlement timeframes to let you take timely advantage of business & investment opportunities.

We help business borrowers that:

Need urgent funding to complete a project, lock in an opportunity or keep out of trouble.

Own property and can provide property security

Are creditworthy and have a reasonable credit history.

Have a credible loan exit strategy and can demonstrate how they will repay their loan.

Learn more about borrowing through Credit Crowd.

Learn about P2P lending.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or market place lending is the simple practice of individuals lending money to other individuals or businesses through online and traditional platforms that match lenders directly with borrowers, without a banking intermediary.

Investment Guide
Investment Guide

Read about investing in property secured loans.

Borrowing Guide
Borrowing Guide

Build your knowledge about P2P business & investment financing.

Product Guide
Product Guide

Learn more about our business and investment loans.

Read about our investment and borrowing processes.
Browse our loan products, FAQs and glossary to inform yourself about peer to peer lending and investment.

"Together, we prosper!"

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